Therapeutic Nurse Clown

Hire a Registered Therapeutic Nurse

Lucy is also a credited Registered Nurse of Australia and is willing to bring her happiness to children  going through illness and hard times, Children that are hospitalised can experience high levels of anxiety which affects the child both physical and psychologically levels, so to manage these levels of distress kids must distract their minds with positive activities, that is why laughter can be an amazing therapy to cure the unwell child or adult, so therapeutic nurse clown can be a great cure in this case and bring a positive effect on children’s mood and overall  physical well-being. Therefore, Lucy can also provide her services to Nursing homes and children with disabilities and special needs and promise to bring happiness and good entertainment for everyone.

We provide great value for money, and handle many children’s parties every month. We have an incredible team of big kids, who provide fun, games & great music at all our kid’s parties.

How We Run Our Party?

– We play favourite children  songs for starter.

– Entertainer performs a dance choreography, an ideal kids ice- breaker to get things going.

– Party stars with cool lights and music. We play our first game and bring cool mini prizes for the children.  We continue with our traditional games and choreography that children can follow including mum or dad.

– We can also do some fabulous face painting (if requested) before we finish the disco party, otherwise, we award our prizes and invite the birthday girl or boy to dance their favourite song with entertainer.

Kids will have memorable fun time with us is 100% guaranteed.

Some of Our Traditional Games Include:

Musical Statues , Musical chairs, Mummy Wrap, Kids corner, Dance competition (Team game), Limbo  Challenge, Dodge Ball

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